Kuza Freezer

About Us

We are a manufacturing company in Mombasa that produces and distributes solar powered freezers known as the "Kuza Freezer".
Our vision is to make the world a better place through innovation and technology. "Kuza freezer" embodies that vision through reduction of post-harvest losses, job creation, and reducing waste.

Product features

  1. It's solar-powered

  2. Made of fibreglass material for durability

  3. Improved cooling efficiency

  4. Very light and highly portable

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Why help fishermen?

70 per cent of small-scale fishermen rely on fishing as their main income stream.
Lack of a reliable and affordable cooling solution can cause high post-harvest fish losses among small-scale fishermen in low income communities.
Food loss and waste across the fish value chain is estimated to be 35 percent.

Kuza freezers will directly improve fish storage, reducing post harvest losses, maximizing on profits and improve food security.


Social Impact

Food waste reduction

Kuza freezer aims at reducing post-harvest food losses.

Improved income

We believe by reducing losses, farmers will increase sales and get more income.

Job creation

Our objective is to create both direct and indirect Job opportunity for women & youth

Sustainable business model

We have a sustaibale business model that is also reliable to small-holder farmers.

Our Partners